Code of Ethics

The members of the Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of Victoria shall: 


  1. Provide appropriate professional service to meet the needs of the community for burial, cremation, and memorials to facilitate remembrance.

  2. Acknowledge and respect the importance of the diverse religious, ethnic and cultural background of the community, and where possible to cater for special needs.

  3. Provide for the needs of the community and apply fees that reflect value for money.

  4. Ensure the public is adequately informed about all product and service choices.

  5. Provide a healthy and safe environment for all persons within the cemetery grounds.

  6. Do all things necessary to enhance the image of the cemeteries/crematoria profession.

  7. Respect the rights of the living and deceased to privacy where requested.

  8. Foster an environment of mutual co-operation, support and assistance with all industry service providers.

  9. Encourage the continued development and exchange of knowledge, skill and expertise by members of the Association.

  10. Provide adequate access to all graves/memorials in cemeteries and memorial gardens.

  11. Operate in accordance with relevant legislation and adopt Guidelines and Codes of Practice of the Association as minimum standards.