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Company Information

qRIP Memories was created to add an infinite extension to how a loved one can be remembered and honoured at their final resting place. There is only so much that can be said on a headstone and even less on a plaque. This led us to crafting our beautifully respectable qRIP Memories medallions that are permanently attached to the plaque, headstone or even urns that take you to an online page containing photos, stories videos and audio.

Being able to tell a story complete with moving pictures, voice recordings and music videos that were of profound meaning to your loved one is a wonderful opportunity to express the emotional depth and appreciation for the person that was so much a part of your life. To stand at the grave site and with the tap on the link on your phone from the Medallion and be transformed into a living tribute is a truly remarkable experience.

qRIP Memories create the page from material supplied by the family as well as provide the opportunity for them to log in and edit the page as often as they feel – updating images and stories as they come to hand – sometimes months after their passing. qRIP Memories is also ideal for historic sites where the public can simply scan the code and learn fascinating details about life and events surrounding the deceased from many decades ago.

We also offer image restoration and video production voiced by professional voice actors if required.