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CCAV Purpose and Ethics

Our Statement of Purpose

The purpose for which the Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of Victoria Incorporated was established is:

  1. To promote the improvement of Cemeteries and Crematoria and Community Services generally for the disposal of the dead and management and administration thereof, and to diffuse information upon matters relating thereto.
  2. To foster and maintain a professional standard of ethics in this service.
    To provide a channel of co-operation and understanding between this Association and other organisations and persons involved in the burial or cremation of the dead.
  3. To encourage the study of technical and other matters in connection with the disposal of the dead and the provision, construction, management and improvement of Cemeteries and Crematoria including matters of public health and otherwise in relation thereto, and to improve and develop the technical and general knowledge and efficiency of persons employed or about to be employed in the management or administration of Cemeteries, Crematoria or public services ancillary thereto.
  4. To provide facilities for, and to arrange, convene and hold periodical meetings and conferences, either alone or in conjunction with any other organisations whose objects or some of whose objects are similar to those of the Association, for discussing subjects relating to or in any way affecting disposal of the dead of the interests of the Association, for the co-operation and mutual assistance between members of the Association.
  5. To undertake such independent investigations and tests of materials, methods and appliances as may be considered advisable.
  6. To promote, support or oppose or assist in the promotion or support of or opposition to legislative or other measures, orders or schemes relative to the burial and cremation of the dead or ancillary public services or connected with or affecting or likely to affect any of the aforesaid objects or members of the Association and to take such action in connection therewith as may be deemed necessary.
  7. To pay all expenses incidental to the continuance of the Association.
  8. To improve the environment of Cemeteries by promoting their care, maintenance and re-development with Local, State and Federal governments and other kindred organisations.
  9. To purchase, rent, take on lease, or exchange, hire or otherwise acquire, construct, provide, make, hold, improve and maintain real and personal property of every description for the purpose of the Association or for the proper conduct and management of the affairs of the Association or for the attainment of any of its objects.
  10. To borrow or raise money upon such terms and upon such securities if any as may from time to time be determined by Members at a General meeting.
  11. To invest and deal with the monies of the Association nor immediately required in such manner as from time to time may be determined by members at a General Meeting, providing all such investments are in accordance with the Trustees Act of Victoria current at that time.
  12. To sell, assign, transfer, exchange, mortgage, lease or grant options in respect of let, hire, dispose of or turn to account all or any part of the real or personal property of the Association or any estate or interest upon such terms and conditions in all respects as may from time to time be determined by Members at a General Meeting.
  13. To do all such acts or things as may be incidentally subsidiary or conducive to all or any of the foregoing objects.
  14. Surplus of funds, if any, arising from the transactions of the Association shall be applied in furtherance of the Association objects and shall not be distributed amongst Members nor shall it be an object of the Association to secure pecuniary profit to its members.

"None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful."

- Mother Teresa

Our Code of Ethics

The members of the Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of Victoria shall:

  1. Provide appropriate professional service to meet the needs of the community for burial, cremation, and memorials to facilitate remembrance.
  2. Acknowledge and respect the importance of the diverse religious, ethnic and cultural background of the community, and where possible to cater for special needs.
  3. Provide for the needs of the community and apply fees that reflect value for money.
  4. Ensure the public is adequately informed about all product and service choices.
  5. Provide a healthy and safe environment for all persons within the cemetery grounds.
  6. Do all things necessary to enhance the image of the cemeteries/crematoria profession.
  7. Respect the rights of the living and deceased to privacy where requested.
  8. Foster an environment of mutual co-operation, support and assistance with all industry service providers.
  9. Encourage the continued development and exchange of knowledge, skill and expertise by members of the Association.
  10. Provide adequate access to all graves/memorials in cemeteries and memorial gardens.
  11. Operate in accordance with relevant legislation and adopt Guidelines and Codes of Practice of the Association as minimum standards.