CCAV Rules Amended


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The Victorian Government has announced a five day lockdown from 11:59pm, Thursday 15 July.

There are only five reasons to leave home:
• to get food and supplies
• exercise, for up to two hours and no more than 5kms from your home
• work or education if you can’t do it from home
• care and caregiving
• getting vaccinated at the nearest possible location.

Everyone must work from home unless you are an authorised worker. If you were an authorised worker during the last lockdown, you’ll be an authorised worker this time.

Face masks must be worn outdoors and indoors at all times (except at home). For those that have returned from a red zone on a permit – you must follow the requirements of your permit. That means going straight home to quarantine for 14 days and only leaving to get tested.

For a more detailed overview of the restrictions, please see the updated Table of Restrictions below.

Help stop the spread of COVID-19:
• Check in everywhere, every time - all businesses and workplaces that remain open are required to use the Victorian Government QR Code Service, unless an exemption applies.  
• Get tested if you are ill - stay up to date on the latest exposure sites and anyone with COVID-19 symptoms should get tested immediately.
• Support your workers to get vaccinated - appointments can be booked here.
• Update your COVIDSafe Plan - every business with on-site operations must have a COVIDSafe Plan.

For more information go to or call the Business Victoria hotline on 13 22 15.


Check in everywhere, every time

All businesses and workplaces are required to use the Victorian Government QR Code Service, unless an exemption applies. This is exemption does not apply to cemetery trusts.

Victorians must check-in everywhere, every time. Businesses must ensure that every customer and visitor has checked-in, no matter how long they are at the office, chapel etc; but not in the cemetery grounds. Supply QR Code at the entrance, if possible for visitors to use.

Releasing of Balloon banned in Victoria


The EPA has announced that as of 1st July 2021 releasing of balloons into the environment is littering and illegal in Victoria. Under section 115 of the Environment Protection Act 2017, fines are now applicable for this offence:

• up to six penalty units ($991) for a person
• up to 30 penalty units ($4956) for a company.
• For a series of balloon releases, and if taken to court, penalties are:
• up to 100 penalty units ($16,522) for a person
• up to 500 penalty units ($82,610) for a company

Please see here for more information and suggestions on balloon alternatives.

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